30th Celebration - LaserHits 89 PSC Day

Wednesday, December 5, 2018. The LaserHits 89 PSC day kicked off at midnight with several hours of programming consisting of the original LaserHits 89 IDs and sweepers, along with a playlist of music that would have been played when WPSC-FM signed on to airwaves that very first time in December 1988.

Among the highlights of the day, Dan Cleary joined Joe Schilp in the morning to share many stories of building the FM facility; and Kevin Knight had Kevin Burkhardt as a guest on his show later in the evening.


20181205-DSC_0001.jpg 20181205-DSC_0002.jpg 20181205-DSC_0005.jpg 20181205-DSC_0006.jpg 20181205-DSC_0010.jpg
20181205-DSC_0012.jpg 20181205-RQ-01.jpg 20181205-DSC_0013.jpg 20181205-DSC_0015.jpg 20181205-DSC_0018.jpg
20181205-DSC_0022.jpg 20181205-IMG_4478.jpg

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