The "Unofficial" WPSC-FM archives

88.7 WPSC-FM is the official radio station of William Paterson University, located in Wayne, NJ. The radio station has existed in many different formats, catering to different audiences over the years.

As I was a student of John Kiernan's in the mid 1990s, the original goal of this website was to document the "HitRadio" format. This format existed from the Fall of 1993 through the Spring of 1998. While being extremely well respected in both the community and the industry, this format was notoriously unpopular on campus, and as such the Administration succeeded in removing it in the Spring of 1998.

Since meeting Rob Quicke and the students of Brave New Radio in the Winter of 2014, I made the decision to expand the scope of this site to include all iterations of WPSC-FM over the years. By now, WPSC-FM has quite a legacy of serving North Jersey... spanning from the 1960s and Closed Circuit UA Cable days, the epic battle for licensing on 88.7 FM, through LaserHits and HitRadio, North Jersey's Independent Rock, and now Brave New Radio.

In doing the research to put this site together, one thing turns up time and time again. This is the will and drive of the students and staff members to make WPSC-FM a broadcasting reality. This dedication exists in spite of the many forces working against the station, both on and off campus. Funding issues, community issues, FCC issues, student issues, faculty issues... you name it, and WPSC-FM has been through it.

Just about everything on this site has come from the personal collection of somebody. I will be indebted to some folks for the rest of time for the information, material, and most importantly the background they have been able to provide. This site is living, a work in progress, so do check back often as updates are frequent.

I am always looking for more memorabilia that can be added to the site. If you have audio, video, photographs, stories, or anything else you would like to share, please contact me so we can arrange to get it posted on the site.

Thank you for visiting this site... and in the immortal words of "Irish" John Kiernan... "Let a smile up your umbrella but don't get a mouth full of rain!"

All The Best,
Mike Bonte
WPUNJ Class of 2000
WPSC-FM Production Director 1996-1998