30th Celebration - AP Radio Day

Tuesday, December 4, 2018. The AP Radio era of WPSC continued reliving our Free Form days and kicked off at midnight on Tuesday, December 4th, with Dave Belfield providing us with the shortest playlist of the day thanks to it comprising many Prog Rock favorites. Tim Reid got things rocking and Shaya Dubin kept up as the sun began to rise.

Jeff Schnarr got the AM Drive honors followed by VJ The DJ. Chuck Cobb mixed up some great R&B over lunch as a lead in for Debbie The Con. Rich O. kept things rocking during the Afternoon Drive and Cath Salfino leaned into the early evening with classic 80’s tracks. Ron Sevean gave us plenty of things from England and Pat Cioffi closed out the day that represented the last of WPSC’s pre-FM days.

Everyone had a great time and played outstanding music. People stayed after their shifts to catch up with old friends and see what else the day would hold. Some had to leave, but came back later to check in as well. It was a grand day and had everyone chomping at the bit for the next alumni weekend; especially those who had never participated in an alumni event before.

As we ended the pre-FM era of WPSC, Pat Cioffi referenced how the quest for FM had a kind of running gag attached to it around the station. Our leadership, since the application filing, would often tell us that “We’re this close to FM.” Put your thumb and index finger as close together as you can without touching and you get the idea. After a while, we would joke that “we’re this close” to a lot of things, still hopeful that FM was merely days away. So, as midnight approached and with it the era of Laser Hits blasting from 88.7 on the dial, Pat closed his show intro-ing Steely Dan’s FM and letting everyone know that “We’re this close to FM.”

It gave us all a good feeling to know something we had all worked hard for had come to be, our contributions have be acknowledged and it is thriving. - Rich Ottenstroer


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