Hanging Of The Christmas Lights

Hanging Of The Christmas Lights

While I was setting up my automation, I kept getting interrupted by legitimate station business. The nerve! Not only did a Boy Scout tour come through, but Ashley and G-Man were giving an orientation to alumni that were going to participate over the course of the week.

During one such interruption (Ashley showing George Koodray around), Bree asked me to help with the Christmas lights. The sucker that I am, I obliged. This turned into pulling the whole thing down and rehanging them. I put them all in with wire ties around the air vents, those lights will be there forever. Bree helped by knowing just the right time to turn and smile when Rob Quicke snapped this picture.

It's one of my favorites from the event because it sort of captures the hap-hazardness of the whole thing. And the back of my head is forever immortalized hanging those lights! -Mike Bonte

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Photo Courtesy:   Rob Quicke
Photo Taken: Sunday, December 2, 2018 at WPSC-FM Control Room
Photo Added: Friday, October 25, 2019
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