Welcome To The World Of HitRadio WPSC-FM
by "Irish" John Kiernan

Intro Letter by "Irish" John Kiernan

Note from Mike Bonte...This document was written by John and given to each new student when they would start with HitRadio. My copy is long lost, but it is only through the grace of Rob Quicke, current WPSC-FM GM that we found a copy and he shared with me. I have transcribed the original text for ease of reading below, You may also download a PDF copy of the intro letter.

"Irish" John Kiernan
"Irish" John Kiernan

In the next pages, I will give you an overview of the station, the format and what is expected of you, the student in the "living lab", of William Paterson Colleges' own radio station. The station is a place to grow and learn about the world of commercial broadcasting. It has been set up in a real world, get a job, and hold a job situation. Our radio station is on the air 20 hours a day, everyday - including holidays - 365 days a year. We have three main goals. 1) FCC mandated is to serve the area communities with news, public affairs and information related to those communities within our coverage area. 2) The station is owned by the college, so its mandate is to promote the WPC community. 3) To teach the student interested in broadcasting, the rules and regulations of the FCC, give them the training they need to get and hold a job in the real world and give the student exposure to broadcasting equipment.

WPSC-FM has been designed to perform within the above mandates. WPSC-FM will give you your first, in many cases, exposure to all facets of broadcasting. While working with the staff and students at the station, your are exposed to everything you will find when you get your job at your first radio station. Here, you will experience air staff egos, director positions problems, staff problems, emergency situations, equipment that stops working when you need it the most, sales (underwriting) problems, dealing with the listeners and the public plus many other day to day situations that will make you wonder two things: 1) Is this how any other station runs? and 2) Why am I doing this?! The answer to both questions... YES and because this is the type of job I want for the rest of my life. As I can tell you, you either will love it or decide it is not for you. The job is hard and tiring, but the personal rewards are many.

School requirements state that no student with less the a 2.0 can participate in any extra circular activity. To be a station director, you must have and maintain at 2.5 average. You also MUST be a student enrolled at the college. A student is permitted to stay on at the station for one full semester after graduation in order to help him or her make resumes and tapes, but the student must have been in good standing with the station during his/her tenure.



The concept of WPSC-FM is that we have a mass appeal format that reaches the metro New York market with a sound that is unlike any other college radio station. We cater the sound to the 25-49 year old buying public. We serve Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Essex and parts of Hudson counties with news, music, information, public affairs, and sports programs. We broadcast from Hobart Hall and our transmitter is on Summit Hill in Pompton Lakes with a power of 260 watts. We broadcast in stereo and also with RBDS.

The station is a member of the New Jersey Broadcaster Association, the National Association of Broadcasters and the National Association of College Broadcasters. With these memberships, it gets the station know locally, and nationally. This not only gets us recognition, but also helps you the student get jobs.

The station was set up this way because if you can work within the discipline of the format and the station, you will have little trouble getting a job when you leave WPSC-FM. Many students feel the format is a sellout to the commercial world and "we should be allowed to do what we want." That has been tried before and it does not work. No one gets a job and the student who wants to learn real radio never gets a chance to grow and flourish. Some students feel that there is too much pressure put on them "cause we're only students." That to is false. If you can't do it here and now, getting a diploma is no magic cure for becoming a professional when you get out. Believe it or not, I have spent around 30 years in the radio broadcasting world and one of our biggest problems was finding qualified, professional, well trained job applicants that came from the college environment. I only want the best for all of you and that only comes from training, discipline, and hard work. If you only want to do what you want... WPSC-FM has a sister station WCRN, and that is the place to apply for. WCRN is an SGA sponsored club and is open to all students. WCRN has a general manager and student directors and a loose college format. If you would like to check out radio, WCRN is the first place to go. If Radio is your bag, then apply to WPSC-FM. with a tape and resume.


WPSC-FM is a hot adult contemporary formatted radio station. We aim for both males and females in the core 25-49 year old demographic. The station has a mix of the hit music of the 70s, 80s, 90s and the current hits.

WPSC_FM provides public service messages, local 'in touch' announcements, news from USA Network, plus local news from our news department. WPSC-FM is the only station in the metro market to provide extensive local high school sports coverage with news and stories in every sportscast. We provide coverage of the WPC teams as well. Our public affairs is second to none with our premier program, NIGHT TALK.

The station also has late night specials plus Sunday morning and late Sunday night programs that fill a niche in our program day.

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