88.7 WPSC-FM Memorabilia
by Mike Bonte

Station Memorabilia Collected Over The Years

Mike Bonte
Mike Bonte

Memorabilia collected over the years.

Updated:  Monday, April 28, 2014
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LaserHits Era Memorabilia

WPSC-FM Memorabilia from the LaserHits 89 PSC Era.

wpsc_baseball.jpg BergenRecord-1.jpg BergenRecord-2.jpg 19881212-DianaPeckMemo.jpg LaserHitsSurvey-19890520.jpg

HitRadio Era Memorabilia

Various pieces of nostalgia from the HitRadio era.

Memo-Mike-Bonte-New-Shift.jpg 1993-Summer-Schedule-WPC.jpg PhoneList-19970416.jpg Calendar-1997-1998.jpg Holiday-Greeting-1997-Sign.jpg
NJAB-1998.jpg BusinessCard-MikeBonte.jpg BMG-Maltese-Award.jpg Coffee-Mug.jpg Glass.jpg
VCR-Tape---Mike-Bonte.jpg WPSC-FM-Keychain.jpg Interep-RichKaminski-1992.jpg Interep-WPSCFM-1992.jpg NJAP-1993.jpg
BusinessCard-BobKovaleskiMook.jpg BusinessCard-JohnKiernan.jpg Bottle-Opener.jpg

WPSC-FM Staff Posters

These posters used to hang in the lounge area outside the studios of WPSC-FM. They featured many of the popular air staff at work and on remotes.

Poster-JohnnyP.jpg Poster-Peggy-NewsBooth.jpg Poster-Group-Remote-Night.jpg Poster-Jack.jpg Poster-JustinBarkerJimmy.jpg
Poster-Barker-Clown.jpg Poster-Peggy-BSA.jpg