WPSC-FM Studios And Offices June 1998

Photos of the lounge, studios, production facilities, and offices of WPSC-FM. These were taken one week before the station signed off the air for good, and may be among the last images of the former WPSC-FM.


19980619-Lounge-1.jpg 19980619-Lounge-2.jpg 19980619-Lounge-3.jpg 19980619-Sign.jpg 19980619-Control-Room.jpg
19980619-70s.jpg 19980619-Control-Rack.jpg 19980619-The-New-Control-Room.jpg 19980619-The-Board.jpg 19980619-Prod-Room.jpg
19980619-News-Room.jpg 19980619-Office.jpg 19980619-Junk-Pile.jpg 19980623-Dwyer.jpg 19980623-Bonte.jpg

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