Retrieving The Vinyl Library

In the Spring of 2019, Rich Ottenstroer (WPSC Alum) was able to get the station connected to a rather large record library. This library was owned by an Estate, needed to be moved in fairly short order, and contained more than 6000 records. The first phase was moving the library back to WPSC-FM.


20190413-IMG_9213.jpg 20190413-IMG_9197.JPG 20190413-IMG_9200.JPG 20190413-IMG_9204.JPG 20190427-IMG_2330.jpg
20190427-IMG_2331.jpg 20190427-IMG_2332.jpg 20190427-IMG_2333.jpg 20190427-E8042E20-91B9-482A-890B-8E29172FF5E4.jpg 20190427-IMG_2335.jpg
20190427-IMG_2337.jpg 20190427-IMG_2338.jpg 20190427-IMG_2339.jpg 20190501-IMG_2360.jpg 20190501-IMG_2361.jpg
20190501-95173018.jpg 20190501-95173025.jpg

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