Girl With The Rock Show Farewell Tour

Brianna Testa (Class of 2019) says goodbye to her popular "Girl With The Rock Show" program over the course of the Summer of 2019.

Some of the highlights include guest DJs, and a surprise party and show takeover by the Alumni Group in August 2019.


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20190813-DSC_0014.jpg 20190813-DSC_0015.jpg 20190813-DSC_0021.jpg 20190813-DSC_0024.jpg 20190813_210504.jpg
20190813-DSC_0031.jpg 20190813-DSC_0033.jpg 20190813-DSC_0037.jpg 20190813_220049.jpg 20190813_220059.jpg
20190813-DSC_0044.jpg 20190813-DSC_0045.jpg 20190813-DSC_0046.jpg 20190813-DSC_0048.jpg

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