Building The "Little Theater" Studios Summer 1970

During the Summer of 1970, WPSC moved from it's original home in the basement of Shea Auditorium into the "new" studios. This was the first location of WPSC in Hobart Hall. This location is on the lower level, in about the area occupied by the Martini Conference Room now. This was commonly referred to as "The Little Theater."

The build out of this theater is mentioned a few times by alum Joe Nicolosi as well as in the WPSC retrospective by Dr. Anthony Maltese.

WPSC alum Joel Berger shared these photos and comments of building the studios from the Summer of 1970:

Here are some photos the Little Theater stage build out. We didn't stop to take pictures very often.

I built "the new console" Joe (Nicolosi) referred to, but I didn't take any photos. At that time, we couldn't afford a commercially built board. I proposed building a board, & Dr Maltese agreed on a budget: I designed the board, had the sloped front sheet metal housing fabricated in a local sheet metal shop, & built the unit in my dad's home workshop.

At that time there were a few Engineering students that came over from Stevens Institute of Technology to help with studio engineering. After they inspected the console, they figured we had it under control.

BTW, There is no family relation between Larry Berger & Joel Berger. -Joel Berger


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