Holiday Greeting: Chris Parr Script Verbatim

HitRadio played a small library of Christmas standards during the holiday season, one song per hour. This would start the day after Thanksgiving and run until the end of the day on Christmas Eve.

Every staff member would record a holiday greeting, and these greetings would be played like a sweeper before a Christmas song.

The recording process was simple, an open reel tape was left on the 4 track recorder and a script was taped to the wall. Every station employee was to record their voice reading the script onto the tape. As production director, I would take all these sound bites and produce them into the final product.

Chris Parr strikes again on this one, he left this interspersed with everyone else's greetings on the tape. He read the script verbatim off the wall, including the "suggested" words for filing in the blanks and the instructions for recording. -Mike Bonte

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Audio Courtesy:   Mike Bonte
Audio Type:   Outtakes & Fun Stuff
From Station:   HitRadio 88.7 WPSC-FM
Date Recorded: Monday, December 1, 1997
Date Added: Wednesday, December 10, 2014
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