More Proof The Mike Bonte Program Is A Joke

Like any radio station, HitRadio was full of pranksters. Our good friend and then program director Johnny P was no exception.

Johnny P was working at a local store one evening, and happened to have WPSC-FM playing. Naturally, "The Mike Bonte Program" was on-air, an extravagant mess as always.

So Johnny P convinced one of his co-workers to call up the station and harass me a little bit. Little did they know, I recorded the phone call and then worked it into my show.

I remember Johnny P telling me that as I segued into the phone call, he kept thinking "He's not going to do it... he's not going to do it... he's DOING IT!"

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Audio Courtesy:   Mike Bonte
Audio Type:   Outtakes & Fun Stuff
From Station:   HitRadio 88.7 WPSC-FM
Date Recorded: Wednesday, October 1, 1997
Date Added: Monday, July 14, 2014
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