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This is one of my all time favorites.

As the production director in the Spring of 1997, I was tasked with producing a half hour news magazine that aired on Sunday mornings. The show was called "DayBreak Magazine." One of the segments was entertainment news, and this section was written and voiced by Justin DiMinni, who was then music director.

I had worked closely with Justin over the years, and we became friends. We would usually cut up whenever possible. And thus we get to this clip.

Justin was in the production room preparing to voice his weekly segment. It was probably common lunch hour, and I had nothing better to do, so I joined him in the room. The tape was already rolling when I enter the room. Off mike, I say "Let's see how loud I can make the door slam." I then slammed the door... I mean really slammed it.

Hanging on the wall in the production studio was an old fashioned, round, mechanical clock. The kind with a big sweeping second hand. Well when the door slammed, that clock flew off the wall, smashed into the floor, and exploded into about a million pieces. Seriously, there was a lot of shrapnel.

Justin loses it.

During the ensuing commotion, Justin makes a few references:

"Who even noticed?" The station was full of people for common lunch, but nobody appeared to notice the crazy door slam.

"We got it on reel." This dates the clip, it was the waning days of analog audio produciton and the recording was being made on the half track reel to reel machine.

"The second hand is over here." Pieces of the clock were literally everywhere in the studio, the second hand had flown past Justin to the back corner of the room.

"You break a cart each week." I was somewhat known for my hot temper and expectations of perfection. People would leave me their sound bites and segments for the magazine on cart (rather than higher quality reel to reel tapes), and even then the audio levels and quality would be terrible. I had a reputation for taking carts of this nature and smashing them against the wall.

After this incident, we put the clock back together but it was never right. There was a lot of production recorded after this that had weird grinding clock noises in the background. -Mike Bonte

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