Last Broadcast of HitRadio 88.7 WPSC-FM (Partially Scoped)

This is a tough one, for sure. The last night of WPSC-FM was scheduled for June 26, 1998, and the staff wanted to do something special to send it off. The plan was to start at 6:00pm and have 6 DJs do 30 minute shifts, and then at 9:00 start a tribute and send-off hour that would run until 10:00pm.

We almost made it.

A crowd of DJs, faculty, and staff of the University gathered in the common area for a pizza party. Everyone started in good spirits, and lots of laughter can be heard in the background of the segues early in the evening.

By about 6:30pm, the phone calls started pouring in from local supporters, listeners, ex-staff, and others that could not be there. By 7:30 we were overwhelmed with phones and put some on the air.

At 9:00, the tribute hour started. I engineered this in the control room and the newsroom was packed with staff. The spillover was in the booth with me. We played several pre-produced segments from former staff members, still more phones, and people started sharing memories and saying goodbye to WPSC-FM, and ultimately, our mentor John Kiernan.

10:00 came and went, and by 10:30 it was getting to be clear that this would go on all night if allowed. Campus Police was standing by to lock us out, and getting antsy by the moment. I played the final signoff, Jimmy shut the transmitter off, and I signed off the last log sheet.

There was nothing left but silence.

The first 3 hours are scoped to just DJs and the historical sweepers and IDs that were running. The final 90 minutes are intact.

The line up was: 6:00: Mike Bonte, 6:30: John Pordon, 7:00: Maxie On The Mic, 7:30: Super Hits Of The 70s (Johnny P & Jimmy Donchez), 8:00: Andrew Goll, 8:30: Mike Barker.

Listening to this again after all these years reminds me how much of ourselves we all poured in to this station. And remembering the impact we had made on the community reminds us all what radio really is about... the listeners and the community. It makes me consider how much we all learned and took away from WPSC-FM. -Mike Bonte

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Audio Courtesy:   Mike Bonte
Audio Type:   Air Checks
From Station:   HitRadio 88.7 WPSC-FM
Date Recorded: Friday, June 26, 1998
Date Added: Wednesday, August 8, 2012
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