Mike Bonte Program's Last Solo Shift on WPSC-FM (Scoped)

The final installment of "The Mike Bonte Program." This show starts off as a normal shift. Mike Bonte Program has settled down a bit by this time and runs a cleaner show, but the final hour starts to turn a bit moody and sentimental.

Final few minutes include a short dialog with DJ Dove and "Let It Be" by The Beatles in its entirety. Following this, a nod to WABC's "Day The Music Died" with a few seconds of dead air before the Top Of The Hour.

There are lots of WPSC-FM no-nos in here, but by this point it didn't matter much anymore.

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Audio Courtesy:   Mike Bonte
Audio Type:   Air Checks
From Station:   HitRadio 88.7 WPSC-FM
Date Recorded: Tuesday, June 23, 1998
Date Added: Monday, July 30, 2012
File Size, Type:  57.56 MB  MP3 Format Sound

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