The Infamous Tom Bauer Newscast

A newscast gone horribly wrong...

The general manager at the time was a guy named Drew.  Drew also taught a radio news class.  What I didn't find out until AFTER this segment had finished, is that Tom was IN Drew's class, and was doing the newscasts as an assignment, for a grade.  When he messed up the item about President Bush, he started to laugh.  He then decided on his own that if he pretended to be choking, it would be better.  Sometimes the truth is *way* stranger than fiction.

BTW, that show was 'Steve Squared', as it was myself, another guy named Steve, and Tom doing the news.  Steve Squared did one of the alumni takeover shows a few years ago!  I played that very segment on the air, which is why it's isolated/digitized, and we talked over parts of it on the reunion show.  During the weather, I said stuff like, "By the way, don't go by this forecast, it's 20 yrs. old..." -Steve Greenfield

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Date Recorded: Thursday, November 8, 1990
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