Jumpin' Joe Mongiardo's Last Show on WPSC

A very short clip of Jumpin' Joe Mongiardo's last show on WPSC, May 18, 1982. Also includes a promo for a softball game between WPSC and WNEW-FM. Note even though by this time WPSC was being modulated on 90.5 FM on campus cable (and Joe mentions this in fact), Joe has requested this to be grouped in with the AM 590 audio files as he was primarily there under that format.

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Audio Courtesy:   Jumpin' Joe Mongiardo
Audio Type:   Air Checks
From Station:   WPSC AM 590
Date Recorded: Tuesday, May 18, 1982
Date Added: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
File Size, Type:  2.76 MB  MP3 Format Sound

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