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Laser Hits 89 PSC Winter of 1989


Steve Matthews Interviews The Club MTV Dancers


Legal IDs

LaserHits 89 PSC Legal Sign On

"Irish" John Kiernan, 5/30/1990

Top Of Hour - 50 Minute Free Ride Home

Top Of Hour - 88.7 On The Digital FM


Top Of Hour - Making The Kill From Bill On The Hill

Top Of Hour - The 89PSC Hit Music Hour

Outtakes & Fun Stuff

The Infamous Tom Bauer Newscast

Tom Bauer, Steve Greenfield, 11/8/1990


Introducing The 89 PSC Party Pig



Sweeper - "A Service Of William Paterson College"

Sweeper - "At least 14 Songs Per Hour"

Sweeper - "Continuous Music"

Sweeper - "Exceeding The US Daily Allowance"

Sweeper - "Get The Next Song Free"

Sweeper - "Like A Shot Across The Northern Sky"

Sweeper - "Never Hear The Same Song Back To Back"

Sweeper - "North Jersey's Hit Music Leader"

Sweeper - "Official Metroplex Weather Station"

Sweeper - "The Summer Of 89 PSC"