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"In-Touch" Fall Activities

"Irish" John Kiernan

Catholic Chats On The Air

Mike Colucci, Father Lou Scurti

Club 88.7 Saturday Nights

Johnny P

Fax Your Request To WPSC-FM

Sean Kerwin

High School Sportlight (1996)

HitRadio WPSC-FM News

HitRadio WPSC-FM News (1996)

Michael Arenio

Jersey's Rhythm Tracks

Mike Colucci

Kiki Rio's Free Dinner Giveaway

Johnny P

Mark Anderson's Top 25 Countdown

Mark Anderson

Matt Garvey And Billy


Matt Garvey Visits Grandpa

Matt Garvey

Medical Night Talk

Rich Ross

Mike Barker Cruises On Monday And Thursday After 6

Mike Barker, 6/5/1997

Mike Colucci Fridays After 2

Mike Colucci

Night Talk

Rich Ross

Profiles with Danny Gayle: The Replacements

Danny Gayle

Sno-Country 6 Times Daily (1996)

"Irish" John Kiernan

Super Hits Of The 80s

The Smooth Sailor Justin D

The End Of Hit Radio - Join Our Special Broadcast

Johnny P, 6/23/1998

The Smooth Sailor Tuesday Nights (Girl In Bar)

The Smooth Sailor Justin D, Valerie Palma, 6/5/1997

WPSC-FM Financial And Money News

"Irish" John Kiernan

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John Pordon

WPSC-FM Legal Disclaimer (1996)

"Irish" John Kiernan