WPSC-FM Automation

WPSC-FM Automation

Remember these? GOOOOOOOOOD!

WPSC-FM was not sophisticated in the 1990s, but was quite functional. For 'automated' periods of the day (overnights, holidays, etc.) everyone was required to record 8 hours of themselves doing a generic shift with awful music (no currents allowed!). These tapes were then pulled at random, and shoved into a VCR in the control room. If the gods of HiFi VHS were good, the tape would still be playing when the morning guy came in.

These tapes were HATED among the staff because, well, they took 8 hours to make. And you had to make them in the Prod room... with that ridiculous little TASCAM board... and cart recorders... and Keith Michaels interrupting you to record USA news because he was afraid of the reel-to-reel in the control room. And Irish kept at you to keep remaking yours to keep it "fresh."

I have a very vivid memory of driving to church on Christmas Eve, 1997, while listening to myself on 88.7 playing "Did You Boogie With Your Baby..." by Flash Cadillac. That was a weird experience.

Did you save yours? Mine is complete with the 8 hours of music and times, all hand written on "The Sprit Of North Jersey" notepaper.

FUN FACT: My tape was originally used by John Pordon. I recorded over that mother with some real talent!

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