IHM Carnival June 1998

The Immaculate Heart Of Mary Parish's annual carnival was a remote broadcasting staple for WPSC-FM. This night featured Mike Dwyer, Mike Bonte, and Andrew Goll on the WPSC-FM Hit Patrol as they had contests, giveaways, and interviews with local decision makers.


19980600-IHM-Andy-Goll.jpg 19980600-IHM-Guru.jpg 19980600-IHM-Hot-Dog-1.jpg 19980600-IHM-Hot-Dog-2.jpg 19980600-IHM-Justin.jpg
19980600-IHM-Kids-1.jpg 19980600-IHM-Kids-2.jpg 19980600-IHM-Mike-Bonte.jpg 19980600-IHM-Monica.jpg 19980600-IHM-Soda.jpg
19980600-IHM-The-Board.jpg 19980600-IHM-The-Site.jpg

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