30th Celebration - Preparations

October 23, 2018 - December 2, 2018. A committee of WPSC-FM alumni and current WPSC staff was assembled, with alumni representing each distinct "era" of WPSC's history.

This committee met many times during the fall of 2018 to put together the 30th anniversary event. The preparations culminated on Sunday, 12/2/18 when there was an orientation day for alumni, t-shirts were distributed, and Gary & Cheri prepared for their overnight marathon to kick off the event.

The committee members from the alumni were: Gary & Cheri Yacono, Rich Ottenstroer, Mike Bonte, Anthony Scillia.

Members from current WPSC staff were: Ashley Weltner, Brianna Testa, Greg Melofchik, Sebastian Escobar, and of course Rob Quicke.


20181104-RQ-01.jpg 20181104-RQ-02.jpg 20181128-RQ-01.jpg 20181202-RQ-00.jpg 20181202-RQ-01.jpg
20181202-RQ-02.jpg 20181202-RQ-03.jpg 20181202-RQ-04.jpg 20181202-RQ-05.jpg 20181202-RQ-06.jpg
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